Early Setup

Available to all our customers

Making use of this service means we can have your disco system set much earlier during the day, as early as 2pm. If you require equipment to be set up at a time earlier than 2pm, please contact us online or call us for a bespoke quotation.

This is ideal if:

  • You require everything to be set before your wedding breakfast starts
  • You don’t want our staff to be setting up in front of your guests/dont want your guests to see the installation in progress
  • If the access at your venue is poor and you don’t want that issue to slow down the transition from the meal to the disco
  • When the wedding ceremony or wedding breakfast is to be held in the same room as the disco (which can slow down set up if your meal finishes late)
  • You have ordered a radio microphone for the speeches and want to make use of our disco PA system before or during the meal

We have a simple pricing policy for our early set up service. We charge everyone the same fixed fee of £50, regardless of your location and/or set up time. This fee covers the additional equipment hire duration, all additional labour for the longer day and any additional travel costs (in case we make 2 trips).

By default, we will not usually remain onsite between setting up early and starting the evening performance (unless you have also ordered background music for your meal) and any equipment set up early will be left switched off between these times (unless you have ordered a radio mic).

Early Set Up can make a massive difference to how smoothly your day runs, especially to the transition between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception.

Most weddings do run late, and by setting up early, you can help minimize the impact of any late running, and ensure your disco duration is not vastly reduced.

To get a quote that includes an early set up, simply select the Early Setup option from the drop-down menu on the Get a Quote page. To get an instant online quote now please click here.